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A German Girl In Hollywood - The Podcast

Die Schriftrolle – When IT gets too intense.

Episode 15 I’ve been in love for too long. I’ve waited by the phone for too long to hear from an acting job and I definitely still haven’t gotten the memo about certain dreams being over. I’ve been in plenty of situations in which I wish someone would have hit me over the head with …



I am proud to announce that I am the German voice for the amazing actress Jessica Williams who is portraying “The Incredible Jessica James” on Netflix.   Tweet

Through Life - The Blog

Missed Connection

A friend of mine says there is nothing like serendipity, fate, kismet or however you want to call the idea of life having a plan. Sometimes I think my life would be easier if I believed that too. On days like this one, I know there are instances in which free will only carry you …

Through Life - The Blog

Today a life was saved.

“Dies today at 3:30 pm!”, is what I saw. That and those terrified amber eyes. Lately I’ve been making a strong effort to get up early, work out and use the ongoing adrenalin to write before the courage leaves me again, as it does so often. Another thing I’m practicing my discipline on is not …